Chanelle Dupre

Chanelle Dupre

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  • Publication Business Wire
  • Date March 13, 2014
  • Partner Moravian Library

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Moravian Library Gives You Another Good Reason to Visit More Often: PressReader

BRNO, Czech Republic–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Moravian Library expands its collection with the addition of PressReader, one of the world’s best digital newspaper and magazine services. PressReader gives patrons access to more than 2,500 local, regional and international titles on their personal laptops, tablets and smartphone devices.

“PressReader is a great solution for libraries such as Moravian Library looking to extend their global catalogue”

“PressReader is a great solution for libraries such as Moravian Library looking to extend their global catalogue,” said Igor Smirnoff, chief commercial officer for PressReader. “PressReader’s convenient, eco-friendly delivery format and advanced technology makes reading a more engaging experience.”

Patrons can easily access PressReader by connecting to the library’s Wi-Fi and visiting, or by installing the free PressReader app from the app store. With unlimited access to publications from more than 100 countries and the convenience of downloading the titles for later reading, patrons never have to worry about the availability of content.

PressReader offers a revolutionary reading experience with its proprietary technology that presents news in a seamless horizontal format and offers a unique collection of top stories from the world’s best news sources through its advanced article ranking technology.

To learn more about the PressReader service, please speak with a library staff member at Moravian Library for more information.

About PressReader

PressReader is an all-you-can-read digital newsstand that connects people through news. More than 30 million people use PressReader to read, share and talk about news. Full issues of 2,500+ global newspapers and magazines can be read online, in print or downloaded via the app. Complimentary access is offered at many libraries, hotels, corporate offices, airport lounges and other businesses, as well as on airlines and cruise lines worldwide. PressReader partners with more than 3,500 publishers in over 100 countries, helping them monetize their content and grow their global reach and readership across multiple channels and platforms.

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