Published Work

Chanelle has authored articles for various newspapers, blogs and magazines on topics ranging from property management, landlording, pet health and wellness, franchising, single parenting, marketing and relationships.

Case Study: Office 365 Enablement Creating Workflow Efficiencies  l  PCIS (Sept 2015)

Case Study: Intelligent Monitoring System Proves Cost Effective  l  PCIS (May 2015)

The State of Technology is Canadian School Districts   l   PCIS (Sept 2015)

 6 Technology Trends in K-12  l  PCIS (Sept 2015)

Top 5 Reasons Why School District IT Strategies Fail  l PCIS (Aug 2015)

The Pros and Cons of the BYOD Programs in Schools   l  PCIS (Aug 2015)

To Be or Not To Be in the Cloud  l  PCIS (Aug 2015)

The Anatomy of a Good Sponsorship Pitch  l  Agile Marketing Service Blog (Apr 2015)

Does Social Media Make Sense for your Business  l   Agile Marketing Service Blog (Mar 2015)

Breaking the Habit of Procrastination  l   The Life of Single Parents Blog (Mar 2015)

Building your Community of Support  l  The Life of Single Parents Blog (Mar 2015)

Preparing for Tax Filing  l  Rental Housing News Journal RHAWA (Feb 2015)

Franchising in the Pet Retail Industry Ingredients for Success  l  Canadian Franchise Magazine (Dec 2012)

Outdoor Fun Means Mind Your Petiquette  l  The Province Newspaper(May 2011)

Contest Winners Delight in Jamaica  l   The Vancouver Sun (May 2009)

Dating Again as a Single Parent  l  Canadian Living Magazine (Aug 2005)

Expanding your Social Circle  l  Yummy Mummy Magazine (Jun 2003)


Samples of written marketing materials

Brand Style Guide  l   Groupanizer Technology (2014)

Case Study Hotels   l   PressReader (2012)

User Guide   l   PressReader (2012)

Brochure  l   PressReader (2012)

Case Study Libraries  l   PressReader (2012)